WhatsApp restrictions when traveling. How do you get access to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp restrictions when traveling. How do you get access to WhatsApp?

Whatsapp blocked while traveling? This is a known phenomenon. In certain countries, including China, Turkey and some Arab countries, services such as Whatsapp are curtailed by the authorities. In particular, the voice call and video call functionalities are often blocked. Just like with Skype , this falls under VOIP (Voice over IP).

Internet providers in such countries are hampering the use of this type of service because they think they will miss out on income if people can make cheap calls via the internet. Instead, they try to get people to use the telephone network to call, which is many times more expensive (and results in more profit for the providers). The state often has a financial interest in these telecom companies and internet providers. This keeps the system in operation. A second reason for blocking services such as WhatsApp is government censorship.

How do you get WhatsApp working abroad?

If you want access to WhatsApp when you travel, and WhatsApp does not seem to work, there is a solution. With a VPN connection you can have your internet connection run through another country. For example, from abroad you can connect to a VPN server in the Netherlands. All your internet traffic is now routed via the Netherlands, including WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp is not blocked in the Netherlands, your WhatsApp block will be lifted. Even if you are in a country where WhatsApp is actually not accessible.

A VPN redirects your connection via an external server. In addition, a VPN protects all your data traffic and gives you complete anonymity in the form of a new IP address . Nobody can see what you do on the internet or intercept your data in this way. A VPN therefore gives you access to WhatsApp abroad, but has even more advantages. A VPN is ideal for surfing on public Wi-Fi networks, for example. Or to watch the American version of Netflix . You can also gain access to YouTube content worldwide.

Three good VPNs for WhatsApp when traveling

Many VPN services are suitable for providing access to Whatsapp while traveling. We will propose 3 providers that we believe are excellent, but for an even more complete overview this article is also interesting.

Solution 1. WhatsApp working with PureVPN

PureVPN is perfect for getting WhatsApp to work anywhere in the world. PureVPN has a huge number of servers and a large user base of more than one million users. PureVPN is very simple, cheap and supports all the functions you expect from a VPN (complete anonymity and freedom on the internet). You can read the Full Review of PureVPN here . PureVPN works on almost all operating systems and devices (iPhone, Android, Windows etc.). There is now a temporary discount with a very attractive promotional rate .

Solution 2. WhatsApp working with NordVPN

NordVPN offers a nice total package. Many servers around the world, and very heavy encryption. If anonymity and protection of your data are of great importance, then NordVPN is the perfect choice. This heavy encryption can sometimes speed up, but for WhatsApp, NordVPN is a perfect VPN choice. View the full NordVPN review to see what more benefits NordVPN has to offer. NordVPN is one of the most popular VPNs in the world, and suitable for any operating system. Currently there are also great discounts at NordVPN via this special link .


With the above VPN services you will be able to easily circumvent WhatsApp blockages abroad. A VPN works very simply, and you will not notice that you are using a VPN while surfing or WhatsAppen. Except that you now have access to certain services! The VPN program runs in the background and you can travel WhatsAppen in complete freedom. So if WhatsApp voice call and WhatsApp video call do not work abroad, you now know the solution!

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