TrustedServer: ExpressVPN’s latest technology for privacy preservation


Yesterday the team behind ExpressVPN announced that they have developed a new technique to keep their VPN users safe and anonymous. The TrustedServer technology works with RAM, whereby all data is regularly automatically deleted. With this update, ExpressVPN wants to further increase the reliability of its VPN service.

Hard disks are a thing of the past

Traditionally, VPN providers use hard drives to store information about their servers. This is also, for example, where the connection logs of your VPN session can be stored. The disadvantage of hard disks is that the data can be stolen on them. The information also remains stored if the disk has no power or no connection. Hard disks are a fixed form of memory, as opposed to RAM. This always poses security risks, causing the ExpressVPN experts to ask themselves the question: “Why do we actually work with hard disks at all?”

RAM provides extra security

The result of the investigation that followed was TrustedServer. This new way of data processing and storage works with RAM. RAM is a volatile form of storage where data is only accessible as long as you are connected to the server and the server has power. As a result, data will never be available within the system for a longer period of time. RAM requires power to store information. If the power goes out, the information also disappears. This means that your connection logs will only be stored for as long as you are in the same session. Do you break the connection and then click on ‘Connect’ again? Then all data from your previous session is gone.

Introducing TrustedServer: Why ExpressVPN is making VPN-server hard drives obsolete

With hard disks, some data may still be accessible after a reboot because data is not automatically deleted from a hard disk. This is in contrast to RAM. With this switch to using RAM instead of hard drives, ExpressVPN is better protected against potential hackers: there are simply no logs to get, so they cannot be stolen.

A good and smooth network

What TrustedServer also does next door is ensuring that all ExpressVPN servers work with the same code. Updates are immediately performed throughout the server network, so that each of the more than 3000 servers is up-to-date. This ensures that weaknesses in the code cannot fall from the VPN. With this new update, ExpressVPN is taking a major and important step in the VPN world. Extra anonymity and safety is no longer too much to ask. For more information about TrustedServer we refer you to the website of ExpressVPN

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