The 6 most important reasons for using a VPN

The 6 most important reasons for using a VPN

Everyone should consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure their personal information and online browsing behavior. Normally your data is vulnerable to interception, but if you connect to a website via a VPN, your data is sent through a secure, encrypted tunnel. This makes it a lot harder for third parties to gain access. But there are many more reasons why using a VPN can make your online experience more enjoyable.

  • Avoid blocking streaming services
  • No more bandwidth restrictions
  • Share files via P2P without problems
  • Lower prices in web shops
  • View your favorite streaming broadcasts abroad
  • Avoid other restrictions on your surfing behavior

Has your interest been sparked? Then read on!

Avoid blocking streaming services

Due to copyright it is often the case that streaming services do not offer the same content in every country. As a result, differences may arise in which films and series you can see in one country and which in another. The reason that these types of companies are able to do this is because they (and all other websites and online services) can see the IP address of the visitor making the connection. Via the IP address they can deduce from which country you log in to them, so that they can offer specific content to specific users. It is the same way that some websites automatically display their website in your language, even if the website does not come from your language area. With a VPN your internet traffic is routed through another server, which is often located in other countries, which makes it possible to disguise your real IP address. This allows you to access any content that streaming services may not offer in your country.

No more bandwidth restrictions

Another advantage is that you can counteract bandwidth limitations with a VPN, which means that you can sometimes get faster internet. Bandwidth restrictions are imposed by internet providers, often to regulate internet traffic. As a user, you often have no use for this. It is primarily an advantage for internet providers so that their network can handle all internet traffic. That is why an internet provider will sometimes slow traffic for certain users at the busiest time of the day. But because of this it may well be that your internet is slower than it should be. Thanks to a VPN you can bypass this.

Share files legally via P2P without problems

With P2P (software such as BitTorrent) it is possible to legally exchange files , such as open source software. Yet internet providers are often not a fan of P2P programs and will often also impose bandwidth restrictions or deny access to file sharing websites. To prevent this, securely share files and disguise your IP address, you can also use a VPN here.

Lower prices in web shops

It sounds pretty unfair, but it is true: many stores that offer their products online keep an eye on customers via their IP addresses and adjust their prices depending on the location you shop from. This can be anything from shoes to airline tickets. Via a VPN you can use multiple IP addresses via different servers, so you can always see if you cannot buy cheaper products . It may be a bit cumbersome, but you can save a lot of money as a result.

View your favorite streaming broadcasts abroad

Just like the streaming services we mentioned above, there are some channels that do not make the same content available to users from other countries. This can become a problem if you are abroad and want to watch your favorite TV series, news broadcast or sports match streaming. As you can now guess, this also works via your IP address and is therefore a problem that can be avoided as long as you use a VPN.

Avoid other restrictions on your surfing behavior

Of course there are authoritarian governments that can block certain websites, but schools and companies can also try to limit your surfing behavior. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons behind this, but this type of policy can also be exaggerated (think of blockages on sites such as Gmail ).

ExpressVPN does not encourage you to break the rules, but situations may arise where you do need access to all websites. A VPN can also offer support here: via a VPN connection you have access to all the websites you want and the network administrator will also not be able to discover your online activity .

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons for using a VPN, in addition to being able to surf online safely. If you want to use a Virtual Private Network yourself, ExpressVPN is a good option. You can connect to any website completely anonymously through our encrypted connections. Interested? Try ExpressVPN for a month for free!

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