How To Choose a Best VPN Service?

VPN service as a way to preserve user anonymity in the global network and access to restrict web resources, has no equal yet. This article will not talk about specialized servers and software for government services or large multinational corporations. We will consider the possibilities that various VPN services provide, accessible to the average user who is not an expert in network technologies.

VPN Main Functions

In order to choose the Right VPN Service, the user should decide for what purposes he needs anonymity on the network and change his IP address.

The standard set of functions offered by domestic and foreign service providers includes:

Anonymizer or Proxy server

With it, the user disguises his IP, replacing it with another. Most VPN services allow the user to change the IP address on the fly, without reconnecting. In addition, it is possible to select the address of any country at the request of the user.

VPN chain

This option greatly complicates the determination of the real IP address of the subscriber, as requests go through several VPN servers. 

Mixing ordinary client user requests with Tor traffic

The developers of onion routing (using the Tor browser) provided the possibility of maximum anonymity of users on the network. Thanks to this, the user is almost impossible to identify.

DNSSEC or Protection Against Domain Name Spoofing

The servers included in the structure of the VPN service verify the correctness of resolving domain names, and do not allow redirecting a subscriber’s request to a fake IP address. This interferes with the actions of cyber criminals involved in the theft of personal information, passwords and tracking user activity.

Which of the VPN Service Features do you need?

Common use:

It is well known that many interesting web resources, for example, some on-line movie theaters, torrent trackers and entertainment portals, provide access from IP addresses of only the country in which they are located. Therefore, users who just want to get acquainted with entertaining content, download it or surf in search of the necessary information, the functionality presented in paragraph 1 of the above list is enough.

In addition, connecting to a regular VPN allows you to bypass the restrictions set by the system administrator in the company, Internet service provider, or government censorship. For example, go to any of the social networks or watch streaming video without restrictions.

Also, when choosing, it is worth paying attention to the functionality of the service, for example, does the VPN service allow downloading torrents ( ANONYMOUS BROWSING ). You can familiarize yourself with the provided functions and service reviews on the card of each service.

When anonymity is important to

Users for whom anonymity is paramount, the functionality described in paragraphs is recommended. 2 and 3. Moreover, the options in paragraph 3 allow subscribers to the VPN service to access the closed domain zone .onion, in which you can surf only using the Tor browser.

Many probably encountered a situation where, after some time after entering the account in social networks or payment systems, their own profile was hacked by intruders. The reason for this is simple: hackers replace the DNS name of the desired service and redirect the user to a “fake” site, whose interface is almost completely similar to the requested one. After entering the login and password, a fictitious system crash occurs, and the user is redirected to the “correct” portal. DNSSEC, described in clause 4, prevents this from occurring by verifying that the IP address and domain name match.

We hope that this article and our service will help you more specifically determine the choice of a VPN service that provides the set of functions you need.

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