ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN review (2019) – Our experience with this premium VPN provider

ExpressVPN is one of the largest Premium VPN providers in the world. They are known for their high quality, perfect connection speeds and great ease of use. This VPN provider was established in 2009 and they have since become the market leader in the VPN industry. A subscription gives you access to the extensive server network of this VPN provider. The ExpressVPN server network consists of more than 2000 servers at 145+ server locations.

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, meaning that they do not have to keep logs due to local legislation. ExpressVPN keeps absolutely no logs.

ExpressVPN is also very user-friendly and therefore accessible to everyone. The VPN app is very well-arranged and works intuitively. You do not have to be a computer fan to use ExpressVPN. Moreover,

The customer service of this VPN provider is very helpful.ExpressVPN specifications

  • Simultaneous connections:  3
  • Torrents: 
  • Netflix: 
  • Operating systems:  Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Protocols:  OpenVPN, L2TP / IPsec, SSTP and PPTP
  • Log policy:  No logs
  • Servers:  2000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Price:  From $ 6.67 a month
  • Money back guarantee:  30 days

Speed ​​- How fast is ExpressVPN?

The speed of a VPN is very important, especially if you do more than just visiting websites. If your internet connection is not fast enough you may experience delays while downloading, streaming or gaming. That is why we thoroughly test all VPN providers for their speed. Below you will first see a number of speed tests without and with VPN. You can then read more about the speed test that ExpressVPN offers itself.

Speedtest results ExpressVPN

Below you can see the results of a number of speed tests that we have conducted with We have taken the measurements from the Netherlands. However, these measurements are location, internet provider and time dependent. So keep in mind that these results are only an indication.

Speed ​​without VPN (

Express speed test - no VPN

These are the speeds of our internet connection without VPN.

Server in the Netherlands (

ExpressVPN speed test the Netherlands

Above you can see the speeds of our internet connection when we are connected to ExpressVPN via a Dutch server. As you can see, the ping has increased slightly, but this is still very good. The download and upload speeds have decreased slightly, but the small decrease is an excellent result.

Server in the United States (

Express speed test server USA

Here you can see the speeds of our internet connection when we are connected to the fastest VPN server in the United States. It is clear that the ping has risen, this can be a problem with online multiplayer games. The download speed has remained virtually unchanged compared to the Dutch server. This is an excellent result. The upload speed has decreased somewhat, but this result is still good.

Speed ​​in everyday use

The speed of ExpressVPN is very good. We were able to visit all websites without any problems with no difference in loading times. Downloading and streaming content was also simple and without lag. Both YouTube and Netflix were fully accessible with this VPN. Furthermore, we were able to download all types of files with ExpressVPN.

Computer games small

You can also use ExpressVPN for online gaming. If you are connected to the recommended servers you will not notice any delay. However, you must ensure that you do not choose a server too far from your own location, because then your ping may increase. As long as you use a server that is not too far away, ExpressVPN is a very suitable VPN for gaming.

All in all, ExpressVPN is a very good VPN for everyday use. We did not notice any difference with normal internet use. Furthermore, the VPN connection remained fast when streaming, downloading and gaming.

ExpressVPN speed test

Express built-in speed test

ExpressVPN also offers a built-in speed test. You can find this in the VPN app. When you open the app you will find a menu at the top left, which also includes the ‘Speed ​​test’ option. If you click on this, the test starts. The test compares your internet speed for all possible servers, giving you a complete list of all servers and their performance. With this list you can then choose the most suitable server.

The result of the speed test shows the download speed of a server, but also the latency. The latency of a server is also known as your ping within the game world. It is an indication of the delay that occurs when connecting to this VPN server. On the ExpressVPN website you can also find an easy manual about their speed test.

With this tool it is very easy to find the best server for your location:

Express speed test results

ExpressVPN speed conclusion

  • ExpressVPN is a VPN with very good speeds
  • There was no noticeable difference in speed with daily use
  • ExpressVPN offers its own speed test

Security – How secure is ExpressVPN?

Security is perhaps the most essential feature of a VPN. You must of course be able to use the internet safely. A VPN encrypts all your internet traffic and anonymises your online actions. ExpressVPN meets the highest international standards with their security. Furthermore, they offer extensive security settings, so that you can use exactly the settings and protocols that you want.

Below you can read everything about the protocols they use, the log and privacy policies that they implement and the functions that this VPN offers. We will also discuss the data that ExpressVPN needs to create an account.


ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption and recommends the OpenVPN UDP protocol, this is also the standard protocol. This protocol meets the highest international standards for data encryption. So you don’t have to worry about your privacy. ExpressVPN supports the following protocols:

  • OpenVPN UDP
  • OpenVPN TCP
  • L2TP / IPSec
  • SSTP
  • PPTP

We advise you to use the default settings because they offer the best possible protection.

Log policy and privacy

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands. The name suggests that ExpressVPN is in a part of the UK, but nothing could be further from the truth. The British Virgin Islands are an independent country with strict privacy legislation. As a result, ExpressVPN does not have to keep log files.

ExpressVPN therefore does not keep logs. They therefore have no information about your online activities. The only thing they keep is connection logs, these are logs that keep track of when you’ve been connected to the VPN. This information is not linked to your IP address, but to your account. This means that you remain completely anonymous, provided you use an alternative email address and pay with Bitcoins.

Kill switch

Kill switch

If you are connected to a VPN, the connection can sometimes be lost. If this is the case, your internet traffic may be unsecured until you are connected again. It is of course annoying if this happens and you better prevent this.

Fortunately, ExpressVPN offers extra security for this on Windows and Mac. ExpressVPN offers a kill switch functionality. With this you are always protected and you prevent data leakage. If, after all, you lose the connection for a moment, this kill switch immediately ensures that all internet traffic is closed. This prevents unintended leakage of unsecured data. The unique thing about ExpressVPN is that they automatically re-establish the connection after the killswitch has entered, so you will have as little trouble as possible with the lost connection.

What information does ExpressVPN need?

To create an account, ExpressVPN only needs your email address and payment details. This means that you can remain completely anonymous, provided that you use an anonymous email address in combination with a payment in Bitcoins. As long as you ensure that your email address cannot be traced back to you, no one will find out that you are using a VPN.

Conclusion ExpressVPN security

  • ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption
  • OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, L2TP / IPSec, SSTP and PPTP protocols
  • ExpressVPN has a kill switch
  • To register an account you only need an email and payment method

The user-friendliness of ExpressVPN

Because VPNs are complicated enough, it is very important that a VPN has good customer service. Finding out the correct settings for your connection can be quite difficult if your VPN provider does not have a clear website or software. It is therefore good to also view the user-friendliness of a VPN. Below you can read everything about the user-friendliness of ExpressVPN. We consider their website, installation process, software, price and customer service.

The ExpressVPN website

ExpressVPN has a very clear and user-friendly website. The website provides a lot of information about the installation of a VPN and how different elements of a VPN work .

ExpressVPN website

Under the heading ‘products’ you can find detailed instructions for setting up a VPN on different operating systems. In addition, the product page offers various browser extensions and privacy tools.

The ‘support’ heading provides a FAQ page and some more instructions about setting up a VPN. This page also offers the possibility to contact customer service, as you can see below:

ExpressVPN customer service

The ExpressVPN installation process

Installing ExpressVPN is very easy and fast. With their easy installation program you can go on the internet anonymously in a jiffy. The ExpressVPN software is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Linux. You can also install ExpressVPN on your DD-WRT router .

ExpressVPN offers the following 3 steps on their website:

Express installation NL

This may look a little too easy, but it really is that simple. You only have to buy a subscription. When you have this subscription you visit the installation website, enter your operating system or device and the installation starts immediately. Once the installation is complete you can get started right away. The app is very intuitive and you will soon find out how it works. The app can also be found in all App stores. The download process is the same for all devices.

Appearance and user-friendliness ExpressVPN software

The display of the ExpressVPN software is very professional and attractive. Furthermore, the software works very simply and intuitively. All options and functions are self-explanatory. Most users do not need many functionalities. An on / off button and option to change the server location are often sufficient. This is exactly what ExpressVPN offers, making ExpressVPN very easy to use.

Fortunately ExpressVPN also offers a settings menu in the upper left corner of the app. Here you can adjust the settings of your VPN connection to your own preferences. In addition, you can also find the speed test and help function in these settings.

Express application

Prices and payment options

The only disadvantage of ExpressVPN is the price. You pay slightly more than other VPN services, but you definitely get value for money.

ExpressVPN offers three subscription types. You get the same superior service with all three. The only difference is the duration of the subscription. They have a one-month subscription, this subscription costs $ 12.95 per month. In addition, they offer a 6-month subscription for $ 9.99 p / month. And with our special offer, you get 15-month ExpressVPN for just $ 6.67 p / month.

Especially with the last deal you get a lot for your money. In addition, ExpressVPN now offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied.

ExpressVPN prices

ExpressVPN currently accepts the following payment options:

  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express
  • PayPal, WebMoney, AliPay
  • Bitcoin
  • Regional payment methods (such as iDeal, AfterPay etc.)

With all these options you are guaranteed to find a payment method that suits you. If you want to remain completely anonymous, even for your VPN provider, we recommend that you pay with Bitcoins. This way you do not give payment details to third parties.

Customer service

In contrast to many other VPN providers, ExpressVPN offers a very good FAQ page. This page answers almost all your questions. If that is not enough, ExpressVPN also offers excellent customer service.

ExpressVPN customer service is available 24/7. They offer customer service to their users, but also to customers who only visit the ExpressVPN website. The customer service responds quickly, neatly and very friendly to all your questions. They will help you with any questions about your VPN.

Conclusion user-friendliness ExpressVPN

  • The ExpressVPN website is well-arranged and useful
  • The installation process of ExpressVPN is very easy
  • The ExpressVPN software is intuitive
  • ExpressVPN is slightly more expensive than the average VPN
  • They offer a wide range of payment options
  • ExpressVPN has an excellent 24/7 customer service with live chat box

ExpressVPN server network

The server network of a VPN is crucial for circumventing geographical blockages. You may have to connect to servers in many different countries to bypass these blockages. For example, you must connect to a server in the United States to gain Access to US Netflix content . Furthermore, it may be useful that your VPN has many servers in the event that your government blocks certain sites, then you can connect to a server in another country in order to gain free access to the internet. Enough reasons to pay attention to the server network of a VPN provider. You can also read why ExpressVPN does not offer dedicated IP addresses.

Number of servers and locations

ExpressVPN has more than 2000 servers in 94 countries throughout the world. Thanks to this huge server network you will always find a suitable server that meets your needs. Moreover, you can change the server location as often as you want.

ExpressVPN server locations

With the ExpressVPN app it is very easy to select a server. You can also save your favorite servers, making it even easier to connect to the desired server. In addition, ExpressVPN displays a recommended server based on your location. This recommended server usually offers the fastest internet connection.

Dedicated IP address

ExpressVPN does not offer dedicated IP addresses. They do not do this because their average user does not need a dedicated IP. The most common reason to use a dedicated IP address is to access Netflix. But ExpressVPN already offers access to Netflix with their normal subscription, so most ExpressVPN users do not need a dedicated IP address at all.

However, there is another reason to use a dedicated IP address. Some websites require extra identification when you always request access to their website from a new IP address. If you want to prevent this additional identification, you therefore need a dedicated IP address, because your IP address will always remain the same. If you want a dedicated IP address for this reason, look for VPN providers with dedicated IP addresses, such as NordVPN .

Conclusion server network ExpressVPN

  • ExpressVPN has more than 2000 servers in 94 different countries
  • Unfortunately, ExpressVPN does not offer dedicated IP addresses

ExpressVPN options

ExpressVPN offers a number of interesting functions that not all VPNs offer. Not all VPNs offer access to Netflix, ExpressVPN does. If you are a big fan of Netflix, always check whether you can access the Netflix website with your VPN account. Furthermore, not all VPN providers also offer servers that support p2p networks. This can be important if you often download torrents.

Because the aforementioned functions are very important to some, we have tested this with ExpressVPN. You can learn everything about ExpressVPN in combination with Netflix and torrents here. We also discuss the browser extension of ExpressVPN and the option to set the software on your router.

ExpressVPN and Netflix

Netflix logo

These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult for VPN providers to access Netflix. The stream service has started blocking IP addresses if it is used by too many people at the same time. Netflix does not want you to use their service in combination with a VPN.

ExpressVPN customer service Netflix

Most VPN providers have given up the fight because the continuous renewal of your IP addresses is very expensive. This means that with many other VPN providers you can only watch Netflix with a dedicated IP. With ExpressVPN this is not necessary because they always have servers with which you can access Netflix. It is a kind of cat and mouse game between Netflix and ExpressVPN. Netflix blocks an IP address and ExpressVPN then refreshes it again.

Not all ExpressVPN servers offer access to Netflix, but customer service can always help you find a server that does provide access. With this, ExpressVPN offers, as one of the few, ordinary access to Netflix. This is really an added value of ExpressVPN compared to many free VPN services .

ExpressVPN and torrents

ExpressVPN allows you to download completely anonymous torrents . ExpressVPN speeds are very good, so you can download files without delay. Moreover, you are guaranteed to remain anonymous with ExpressVPN, nobody can find out that you have downloaded a file.

Set up ExpressVPN on your router

Setting up a VPN on your router is the way to secure your devices all at once. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to install a VPN on your router. This is because you must have the correct router type. In addition, you must change (flash) the firmware on your router to prepare your router for a VPN.

ExpressVPN makes this process a lot easier. They even offer ‘ pre-flashed routers ‘ on their website . These are routers that are already completely ready for use in combination with a VPN. To make things even easier, ExpressVPN even offers very detailed instructions on how to install a VPN on your router. You can find these instructions on their website.

ExpressVPN routers

Browser extensions

ExpressVPN browser extension

Once you have an ExpressVPN subscription you can easily install their browser extensions. They offer this extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. A browser extension offers the advantage that you can activate the VPN connection at the touch of a button without leaving your browser screen. When you use this extension you will see a small ExpressVPN logo at the top right of your browser menu bar. If you click on this logo you will see a screen that is very similar to the ExpressVPN app. With this you can switch the VPN on and off. The extension makes it very easy to turn on the Express VPN when you use your browser.

Conclusion options from ExpressVPN

  • ExpressVPN offers access to Netflix
  • You can download torrents with ExpressVPN
  • The ExpressVPN website shows you the most suitable server
  • ExpressVPN has very useful browser extensions

Conclusions – Our experience with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN performs very well on essential aspects of a VPN service. They offer a very fast and stable VPN connection. Whether you surf the internet or are intensively gaming, ExpressVPN offers you excellent security without lag or long loading times.

ExpressVPN meets the highest international standards with their security. With ExpressVPN you are guaranteed anonymous on the internet due to their favorable privacy and logging policy. Moreover, their kill switch function ensures that you do not have to worry about accidentally leaking data.

The best thing about ExpressVPN is their user-friendliness. ExpressVPN is really one of the most user-friendly VPNs that we have had the opportunity to test. The website and software are well-arranged and work intuitively. This makes ExpressVPN accessible to everyone, including those with less knowledge of VPNs.

ExpressVPN has many servers. They offer 2000 servers spread over 94 countries. With this you can certainly find a suitable server for all your wishes.

Even though ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than the average VPN, you do get value for money. It is not without reason that ExpressVPN is at the top of almost all lists. They ask a reasonable price for the product they deliver.

Easy to useQuite expensive
Easy to installOnly 3 connections possible at a time
Lots of choice in serversNo dedicated IP
American Netflix possible
Torrents possible
User-friendly software
Free trial and 30-day money back guarantee
Good VPN in terms of speed and security

Our score
  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Servers
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  • Super Fast And Easy VPN
  • Perfect For Anonymous Surfing, Downloading And Streaming (including Netflix)
  • 2000+ Servers in 94 Countries