Best VPN for Mobile, Best Choice and Why a VPN on Your Smartphone

Best VPN for Mobile

Do you want to better protect your privacy and security while using your mobile? Then a VPN for your mobile is a great solution. Most VPN providers nowadays have developed an excellent application for all mobile operating systems. With these apps you can connect to a VPN server and you can use the benefits of a VPN on your mobile.

First you discover what we think are the best VPN services for your mobile. Below we explain why a VPN for your smartphone is a good idea and what exactly you can do with it.

Best VPNs for your mobile

When choosing a VPN for your mobile, there are several things to look out for. For example, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Is the developed app good to use on your smartphone?
  • Does the VPN app on your mobile ensure stable and fast VPN connections?
  • Does the VPN app not use too much battery when you use it?

And it is also important that the VPN service is a good party. On our page with all VPN provider reviews you can see how the different VPN providers score on different points. For example, the log policy and the price of a VPN provider are an important point of attention.

All in all, we have listed our 2 favorite VPN providers for smartphones below. This list has been established through extensive testing of all the different VPN services available.


ExpressVPN is the VPN service that simply scores very well in all areas. The connections with the numerous servers that they have are actually always stable and fast. In addition, the software for all operating systems, including Android and iOS, can be called sublime. A disadvantage of ExpressVPN is the price.

Compared with other VPN services and also the VPN service below, the costs are a bit on the high side. But if you are simply looking for the best VPN for your mobile, ExpressVPN is a good choice.


VyprVPN is actually the affordable alternative to ExpressVPN. The service is not inferior to ExpressVPN and scores almost as well on all points. The software works very stable on the various mobile phones and is easy to use.

There is also a very extensive selection of locations where you can find VyprVPN servers. Wherever you are there is always a VPN server relatively nearby in the area. Certainly in all Western countries you will find a VPN server from VyprVPN, which also makes the service very suitable to bypass geographic blockades.

Why a VPN on your mobile?

There are several reasons why a VPN for a smartphone is handy or even wise to use. Below you can see the most common reasons for using a VPN connection on a mobile.

Use public WiFi securely

When you are on the road, for example on vacation, there is a good chance that you will start using public WiFi networks. For example in the accommodation where you stay, the restaurant where you eat, the airport where you are and other places. Many people do not realize that using public Wi-Fi hotspots in this way can be dangerous. A malicious hacker enters relatively easily through such networks. In this way it is possible for a hacker to see sensitive information that you send and receive via the internet.

You prevent this risk with a VPN. Because the connection between your phone and the VPN sever is encrypted, a malicious person cannot see at all what you send and receive. If a hacker intercepts your data, it will only see encrypted or encrypted data.

More privacy and anonymity online

If you don’t want third parties to track your internet activity on your mobile, using a VPN is a very good idea. By enabling a VPN you ensure that you can withhold your interactivity for different parties.

Because your IP address for the outside world changes when you use a VPN connection, it is difficult for ad networks and other online trackers, for example, to make a profile of you. In addition, your provider or other organizations can no longer see which websites you visit or which online services you use. This is because all the traffic between your phone and the VPN server is encrypted, so a party that looks in between the data only sees encrypted data that you can’t use.

Bypass geographic blockades

If you are abroad and you try to watch television via, for example, the Ziggo Go, the NPO app, RTL XL or another streaming service, you may not be able to watch the desired broadcast. This then has to do with geographical blockades that have been erected. This has to do with TV rights that ensure that a certain broadcast can only be broadcast in certain countries. With a VPN you can bypass this geographical blockade so that you can just watch your favorite TV shows and sports competitions while you are abroad.

It also works the other way. For example, with a VPN connection to an American VPN server it is possible to receive the American offer of Netflix in the Netherlands. This offer is much larger and you can watch many more series and films via the American Netflix with the right Netflix VPN .

Use VPN connection with your mobile

Using a VPN on a smartphone may sound complicated, but this is not so bad in practice. All the well-known VPN providers have developed an easy-to-use app for the largest operating systems that allows you to connect to the VPN. With such a VPN app it is possible to choose a location and then easily connect to a VPN server at the chosen location.

Android VPN

Almost all VPN providers have developed an app for smartphones running on Android. We have created a page with the best VPNs for the Android . On that page you will find the best VPN apps that we think are for your Android mobile and tablet. You will also find an explanation on that page about how you can set VPN manually on an Android phone.

After extensively testing different VPN apps on Android devices, we can conclude that we find ExpressVPN the best VPN provider for an Android mobile.


The various VPN services have also developed a good application for iOS, i Phones and iPads. This used to lag behind somewhat because of the greater difficulty factor for developers to access iOS apps over the network settings of iOS. Meanwhile, many VPN providers have chosen to use the standard VPN support of iOS, the IKEv2, protocol in their app for setting up VPN connections.

Conclusion VPN for your mobile

We think it is a good idea to install a VPN app and use it on your smartphone. Privacy and technical security are increasingly important nowadays. Certainly when you are abroad and / or use public WiFi hotspots, using a VPN is a good idea. In this way you protect yourself against malicious hacker

Using a VPN is very easy with the apps that are available nowadays. From the app store you can easily install the VPN app from the provider with which you have taken out a subscription. You can then connect to a VPN server of your choice with 1 push of a button.

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