We already started TopBestVPN in 2016, So we have been working on it for a few years! What started as a simple blog site with reviews about VPN providers, has now grown into a leading website on all aspects of online privacy, cyber security and free internet.

We think it is very important to write about these topics, because the world around us is digitizing rapidly. The internet today offers almost unlimited possibilities and opportunities, but at the same time this entails risks. Certainly because VPN and cyber security are quite technical and difficult issues for many people, we try to explain these subjects in the most accessible and simple way possible, so that it becomes understandable for everyone. Everyone is online, from young to old, and using the internet should remain fun.

Today, TopBestVPN still ensures that information about online privacy and cyber security is accessible and understandable for everyone. For this we work with a small, passionate team from US, to be able to meet the information needs.

The TopBestVPN Team

The TopBestVPN team consists of a small group of regular people who share an interest in all topics related to VPNs, online privacy and cyber security. In addition to our ‘hard core’, we also like to work with freelancers, designers and programmers to supplement our cyber security expertise.

Why we do what we do

At TopBestVPN Wwe write about everything that has to do with VPN, online privacy, internet security and internet freedom. These 4 topics form the foundation and common thread of our website. Below we explain why we find these topics so important.

Why we write about online privacy

Your privacy is a great asset, but has come under increasing pressure in recent years. There are countless parties that benefit from knowing as much as possible about you. This can be advertisers, but also governments or hackers. You may also be willing to give up your privacy (in part) in certain cases in exchange for ease of use; By now you will realize that Google follows you wherever you go, but at the same time Google Maps is so incredibly useful. Apparently we are all willing to give up part of our privacy for the sake of ease of use. And that is not necessarily a negative thing either. But we have to find the right balance in this. By writing about online privacy we hope from TopBestVPN. en to make you aware of what data is being collected and how that is done. We also want to propose simple solutions and tips on how you can better safeguard your privacy on the internet.

Why we write about internet security

Nowadays there is quite a bit of danger online, unfortunately this is a given. Every year, more than 2 Billion people are confronted with cyber crime. Fortunately, there are also many precautionary measures to make you more resistant to cyber crime. We tell you everything you need to know about identity Fraud, Ransomware, Trojans, Computer Viruses, hackers and the latest ingenious online scams. That way you are well prepared and not such an easy target for the average internet criminal.

Why we write about VPN

The great thing about a VPN is that it offers you, as a user, a tremendous amount of added value in a very simple way. You install a simple app on your phone, computer or router, you connect to a VPN server with one click and 5 seconds later all your internet traffic is secured, anonymous and you have access to a free internet. A VPN is therefore the central pivot that helps you to achieve these 3 essential issues (security, privacy and freedom).

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