3 ways to legally watch Game of Thrones

3 ways to legally watch Game of Thrones

The battle for the Iron Throne has started again. Season 8 of Game of Thrones officially started last Sunday and everyone is talking about it. For us Dutch there are few ways to legally watch the series. Yet there are more options than you might think. This way you can view it via Ziggo both in the Netherlands and abroad. You can also take out an American HBO Now subscription and view it that way. Here are three ways you can follow the adventures of Sansa, Arya, Jon, Dany, Cersei, Tyrion and all other famous residents of Westeros.

Method 1: In the UK via Ziggo

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If you have a Ziggo subscription in the UK, then you are in the right place. With the Movies & Series (X) L package you have access to all top HBO series, including Game of Thrones . The episodes will be on the platform one day after the American launch date, expected around nine o’clock in the evening. From that moment you can watch Game of Thrones to your heart’s content by following the following steps:

  1. Go to the On Demand menu of your Ziggo box
  2. Select Movies & Series (X) L
  3. Go to Series
  4. Choose HBO Series
  5. Search for  Game of Thrones and click on the correct episode

This method only works if you have an interactive box from Ziggo or you are using the Ziggo GO app or ziggogo.tv .

Method 2: Abroad through Ziggo

If you have a Ziggo subscription and the Movies & Series (X) L package while you are abroad , you will find that you cannot watch a Game of Thrones yet . This has to do with local broadcasting rights. Fortunately, you can easily get around this and still enjoy your Dutch Ziggo subscription. That’s how you do that:

  1. Take out a subscription with a good VPN provider;
  2. Download and install the corresponding VPN application on the device with which you want to watch the series;
  3. Connect to a Dutch VPN server;
  4. Follow the instructions in way 1 and enjoy Game of Thrones.

By using a Dutch VPN server, you make Ziggo think that you are just in the Netherlands while you are abroad. This will give you access to the HBO On Demand offer. It is completely legal to use a VPN in the Netherlands. In addition to unblocking websites and series, a VPN also ensures that your online privacy and security are guaranteed.

Method 3: Via HBO Now

In addition to a VPN, you also need an American credit card for this option. You must also enter a US zip code (zip code). This is therefore not possible for everyone. Do you have an American credit card? Then you can easily watch Game of Thrones with an HBO Now subscription:

  1. Choose a VPN provider that works with HBO Now ( for example ExpressVPN, PureVPN , VyprVPN ) and create an account;
  2. Download and install the corresponding VPN app;
  3. Connect to an American VPN server;
  4. Register for HBO Now account
  5. Stream Game of Thrones.

A HBO Now subscription is available for $ 14.99 a month, with a free trial period for the first seven days.

Looking legally remains difficult

Game of Thrones is a wildly popular series that many people want to watch. You can legally follow the episodes in the Netherlands if you have access to an HBO stream. This is possible via Ziggo, or with a VPN via HBO Now. Both of these options cost money. In the case of the American HBO Now subscription it is also quite difficult to get done. It is therefore not surprising that many Game of Thrones fans eventually download the series . The expectation is that this will not decrease in the coming weeks.

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